Mechanical Transfer Press GUILLEM 63to OVERHAULING

Mechanical Overhauling transfer press

Mechanical Transfer Press GUILLEM 63to OVERHAULING

We are proud to inform that at the beginning of this month of January 2022 a very valued customer has taken delivery of his 63to GUILLEM mechanical transfer press mechanically rebuilt in our facilities.

Started and finished in less than 5 months, and with a more than satisfactory result for both parties.

Our process of reconstruction of this mechanical press has consisted of:

  • We visited our customer’s premises to inspect “in situ” the GUILLEM 63to mechanical transfer press.
  • We gather information in order to prepare and deliver to the client a first reconstruction budget proposal, adapted to his needs.
  • Once the client has accepted and confirmed our quotation, we can start the reconstruction project.

At origin,

  • We electrically and pneumatically disconnect the mechanical transfer press Guillem 63, disassemble some parts of its peripherals to perform a correct loading and safe transport to our facilities.

At destination, in this case the facilities of POST-VENTA CARRERAS in La Pobla de Claramunt…

  • We unloaded the GUILLEM 63 mechanical transfer press and first performed a general surface cleaning.

  • We disassemble all subassemblies of the mechanical press, as well as the transfer system, the feeder and the shearer.

  • We clean and expose all the parts and pieces that make up the mechanical press.

  • We analyze, verify and document each of the disassembled parts.
  • We call the customer to plan a visit to our facilities.

During the visit:

  1. We will show the work carried out and the exhibition of the press cutting.
  2. We propose to the client the actions we would perform piece by piece.
  3. We agree with the customer the work to be done for each piece.
  4. We readjust the final budget according to what was agreed in that visit.


Once all the work is completed, the customer returns to our facilities to give his acceptance of the work done.

In order to complete the project and ensure that the press is working properly, our team of technicians travels to the customer’s facilities for the installation and start-up of the Guillem 63to mechanical transfer press.

A satisfied customer and our pride in a job well done.

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