Overhauling of Platarg 612 finished

PLATARG transfer presses are used around the world to produce deep drawn parts.
These products are used in industries as diverse as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing of bearings, electrical and electronic component manufacture, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, and for many other types of applications.
We have many years’ experience overhauling PLATARG presses in our facilities.
We count on the satisfaction and trust our customers place in our team of professionals, obtaining a quality refurbished product which complies with current safety regulations and which stands up to the demanding working conditions.
Our reconstructions consist mainly of:
– Reception and cleaning of the PLATARG transfer press
– Disassembly of the entire drive system.
– Grinding and adjustment of cams and rams
– Replacement of all bearings, seals and friction material.
– Installation of a new automatic lubrication system.
– New electrical control system with compliance to safety standards
– Assembly of all elements, adjustment and testing.

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