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Mechanical press DELTECO 160to reconditioned and delivered

As a sample of one of the mechanical press reconditioning jobs we performed, we show below a partial rebuild of a DELTECO model PE-160 mechanical eccentric press.

Our project started as follows:

A very valued customer contacts us through our general telephone number 938 088 099 and informs us of his production needs for the stamping of his products.

We start with the project! We send the customer by email several offers of presses from the second-hand market that fit the characteristics of the press he needs.

We also offer alternatives of NEW mechanical presses and accessories for their automation.

The customer chooses a used press located in the north of Spain. This mechanical press fits perfectly to the machine he is looking for, also they own a mechanical press of the same brand DELTECO and same model PE-160 (that he bought from us years ago and he is very satisfied with it).

The customer buys the DELTECO 160to mechanical press and sends it to our facilities for our technicians to make a condition report of the press, consisting of a general review of the following parts of the press:

  • Correct operation of the manual or automatic lubrication system
  • Correct operation of the pneumatics
  • Electrical operation and safety protections
  • Mechanical looseness that may exist in the kinematics
  • Parallelism between the table and the ram
  • Condition of the clutch (air leaks, wear, looseness, etc.)
  • Drive belts, condition of motor and/or variable speed drive, control of controls, hydraulic overload, etc…
  • Put the press to work for 6 hours at its maximum speed and effort to detect anomalies in real work.
  • Checking of the temperature in the parts sensitive to heat up during the test period at low effort and maximum speed

Once this general overhaul has been carried out, the customer is given a report on the actual condition of the press he has just purchased.

Once the work is finished, the date of reception and final conformity of the work done on the DELTECO 160to mechanical press is planned together with the customer at our facilities.

The transport to the customer’s facilities is carried out by a company specialized in the transfer of large machines.

Our team of technicians performs the commissioning at the customer’s premises and, if required, a training on the correct operation of the press.

This example of the DELTECO 160ton press was made in agreement with the customer who needed a mechanical gooseneck press with the same quality as a NEW press with the same characteristics.

A satisfied customer is a repeat customer!