Press overhauling DELTECO PE63

We have just delivered to a very good customer of ours, a DELTECO press model PE63 of 63 tons.

The customer has once again entrusted POST-VENTA CARRERAS S.A. to have our team of technicians specialised in repairing and rebuilding mechanical presses, to carry out the work on this, his second 63 ton DELTECO press.

The complete rebuild of a 63 ton capacity DELTECO press is a complex and challenging process that involves a series of technical steps and procedures to restore this machine to its optimal working condition. In this article, we will explore the different aspects of this process, from the initial assessment to the disassembly, repair and final assembly stages.Rebuilding a press involves revitalising an older machine, which may have suffered from wear and tear due to prolonged use or adverse conditions. The first step is to conduct a thorough assessment of the press to determine its overall condition and areas requiring repair or replacement. This assessment is crucial to developing an efficient and effective rebuilding plan. Once the assessment has been carried out, the process of disassembling the press begins. This involves the careful removal of parts and components from the machine, making sure to document and label each part to facilitate subsequent assembly. During disassembly, worn, damaged or defective parts may be found, which will need to be replaced, and the next stage is the repair or replacement of the defective parts. This may involve the fabrication of new parts, repairs by welding or machining damaged parts, or the procurement of original or compatible spare parts. It is important to have a team of skilled mechanical press technicians to ensure that repairs are carried out properly and accurately.
Once all parts have been repaired or replaced, the assembly process begins. At this stage, the press parts are carefully assembled, following the technical specifications and using appropriate tools and techniques. During assembly, safety procedures must be followed to ensure the integrity of the machine and the protection of the operators.
After assembly is complete, a series of tests and adjustments are carried out to verify proper operation of the rebuilt press. These tests may include load tests, no-load tests and safety tests. During this process, systems and components are adjusted and calibrated as necessary to ensure optimum performance.

Once the press has successfully passed all tests and adjustments, a complete cleaning of the machine is performed to remove any debris or contaminants. This cleaning is essential to maintain a safe and healthy working environment as well as to ensure the proper functioning of the press in the long term.
In addition to the steps mentioned above, another important aspect in the complete rebuild of a 63 tonne capacity DELTECO press is the repainting of the machine. Repainting not only serves an aesthetic purpose, but also plays a crucial role in protecting the press against corrosion and wear over time.
After the disassembly and necessary repairs have been completed, the press surface is prepared for repainting. This involves removing any old paint residue, rust or contaminants present on the surface. Techniques such as sanding, shot blasting or the use of specific chemicals are used to ensure a clean and suitable base for the new coat of paint.
Once the surface has been prepared, a special primer is applied to improve the adhesion of the paint and provide increased protection against corrosion. This primer is carefully chosen to be compatible with the press material and to ensure good adhesion of the final coat of paint.
After applying the primer and ensuring that it is completely dry, the final paint is applied. In this case, the colour of the paint is specified by the customer according to the RAL standard, which is an internationally recognised system for colour designation. RAL allows for accurate and consistent colour identification, ensuring that the customer gets the desired shade for his rebuilt press.
The paint is applied in even coats using methods such as spraying or rolling, depending on the size and surface characteristics of the press. It is important to ensure that the paint is evenly distributed and dries properly between coats for a long-lasting, high-quality finish.
Repainting not only improves the visual appearance of the press, but also protects the metal structure of the machine against corrosion, wear and tear and external agents. In addition, a suitable coat of paint facilitates regular cleaning and maintenance of the press, as it provides a smooth surface that is resistant to dirt accumulation.
In short, repainting a 63 tonne capacity DELTECO press as part of a complete rebuild is an essential step to improve its appearance, protect it against corrosion and ensure its long-term durability. By following the customer’s specifications in terms of RAL colour, it is possible to meet their aesthetic preferences and ensure that the rebuilt press perfectly matches their requirements.
Finally, the rebuilt press is ready to be fully operational again. Regular monitoring and preventive maintenance is important to ensure that the press continues to perform optimally and to avoid future problems.
The complete rebuild of a 63 tonne DELTECO press is a demanding but rewarding process. At the end of this process, you get a revitalised machine that can provide reliable and efficient performance for many years to come. Rebuilding presses is a common practice in the manufacturing industry, as it extends the life of existing machines and avoids significant costs associated with the purchase of new presses.
In summary, a complete rebuild of a 63 tonne capacity DELTECO press involves initial assessment, disassembly, repair or replacement of parts, assembly, testing and adjustment, cleaning and regular maintenance. Through this process, an older press can be restored to its optimum operating condition, allowing companies to get the most out of their machinery investments and maintain efficiency in their manufacturing operations.

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