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Post-venta CARRERAS

Specialists in mechanical and hydraulic presses
from our beginnings until today.

Founded in 1973 by Josep and Margarita, POST-VENTA CARRERAS,S.A. took its first steps in the field of  repair, reconstruction and technical assistance of eccentric and hydraulic presses.

Nowadays POST-VENTA CARRERAS S.A. is one of the best equipped companies in  Europe to take in eccentric and hydraulic presses from 10 to 250 Tons for repair and overhauling.

In 2006 we began specialising in FEINTOOL GKP fineblanking press overhauling. FEINTOOL and POST-VENTA CARRERAS S.A. are currently  the two companies best positioned to provide FEINTOOL GKP overhauling service around the world.

Thanks to our PASSION for technical and organisational excellence , here at POST-VENTA CARRERAS S.A. we are fast, efficient and precise.

Our customers always come back (albeit usually to complain). That is why so many companies that send us their machines to be repaired in our installations.

In the year 2013 we became a member  ProdEq International – a group of machine trading companies with its head office in Switzerland. Thus we now have the sufficient economic capacity to handle large scale projects.

Professionalism and quality workmanship have been the foundations that have helped keep us ahead of our competitors and given our customers the confidence to trust us when it comes to buying and selling machinery.