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Press Design
drive system:  servomechanic
feedstock transport direction:  left to right
total force (nominal):   250 to
stroke:   70 mm
stroke rate (max.):   140 /min
Counter Ram
nominal force:   625 to
stroke:   25 mm
nominal force:   1250 to
stroke:   25 mm
Tool Dimensions
lower table (left-right):   600 mm
lower table (front-back):   600 mm
upper table (left-right):   600 mm
upper table (front-back):   600 mm
shut height max.:   380 mm
ram adjustment:   125 mm
sheet width max.:   250 mm
sheet thickness max.:   10 mm
feeding step min.:   0.1 mm
feeding step max.:   300 mm
sheet length min:   2500 mm
Crop Shear
stroke rate (max.):   20 /min
cutting force:   300 kN
Electrical specifications
total power consumption:   80 kW
mains power supply:   100 kVA
mains voltage:   400 V
mains frequency:   50 Hz
Attachments -Fineblanking Press-
decoiler:  no